Jimei Industrial Park, Furong Road No. 2,Songgang Town,Baoan District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China.



From the products of industrial design to product design to final die design, Jimei has experienced engineers at every stage in the product design service for the customer. We undestood that if we want to create a mold and long life, high precision, high efficiency, occupies a very important role of excellent design. Jimei Engineering Department has an excellent design team, can design a product map / standard mould structure and processing parts drawings in high efficiency. Team members have high academic qualifications and rich experience in the design, most of them are engaged in mold design professionals. Design and manufacturing technology is the perfect combination here.

As its known that a good quality mold mostly depend on the mold design process, we pick the most advantage CAD/CAM/CAE software to implement the difficulty in mold design. Besides we use the UG / Solidworks / Pro-E / Moldflow / Plastics Insight to analyze the mold to check if it have warpage discoloration/ water ripple/sink mark /war page/ short shot etc. , In this way we not only can achieve high efficiency drawing but also can manufacturing a high quality and more precision mould.